La Casa de Jerónimo

La Casa de Jerónimo, Airbnb Vacation Home & Hostel, is a family’s dream made reality. It’s a place of reunion, a place to regain love and affections, rekindle relationships, and reminisce about the things time left behind.

Our vacation home was created with a vision to offer a comfortable and peaceful destination. It is a special place that offers a friendly and casual atmosphere for people that love privacy.  The tranquil gardens and beautiful guestrooms are the perfect setting for peace and quiet for you to unwind.

We invite you to visit Salento, nestled in the Andes Mountain range. Here you will find a restorative experience and you will leave with memories of a place for people with similar sensibilities, that share the same search for beautiful scenery. Let yourself be immersed in its local culture and traditions.

Salento is part of the Paisaje Cultural Cafetero, or the Natural Scenic Coffee Landscape, declared by UNESCO as part of the World’s Cultural Heritage in 2011. This area is part of an ecosystem of Bosque de Niebla or Misty Mountain Rainforrest with its characteristic flora and fauna, many of which are on the endangered species lists. We welcome you to a land that is full of beauty and mystery. We invite you to learn about the hard working campesino  or rural cowboy and most of all to relax surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains.

La casa de Jerónimo
Photos of La casa de Jerónimo

Photos of La Casa de Jerónimo

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