Natural Sanctuaries and Hot Springs

Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados

Part of Colombia’s National Park System, this protected area is home to some of the last surviving snowcapped peaks in the tropics. The journey to this magnificent place begins with a ride to Cocora Valley, from here you can choose to continue on horseback or trekking on foot. The trail is long treacherous and can take from 3-4 days. Depending on the season, there are beautiful views of the volcanic peaks, 3 of the 5 of which are now dormant.
Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados

OTUN FLORA & FAUNA SANCTUARY, located in the town of Quimbaya

Acaime Nature Sanctuary: This Natural Preserve is home to many different species of hummingbirds and beautiful scenery.

Reserva Natural Morro Gacho

This is an impressive mountain located in the Cocora Valley at 3,450 meters above sea level. After a 3.5 hour trek you will be able to observe many Wax Palms (Ceroxylon quindiuense) and a wide variety of plants and animals native to the Misty Mountain Rain forest.

Termales San Vicente – Hot Springs Termales in Risaralda

Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal – Hot Springs Termales in Risaralda